Kashew is back.
Kashew is back from his trip around the world and recorded a song together with his 4-year-old nephew Niklas. Check it out right here.
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Around the world.
kashew is taking a trip around the world to return back home with new songs and ideas.

Kashew live on stage!
Another Yeehaw-Kashew solo gig in Buehlenhausen/Germany + Tobi Lampert supporting Kashew. Pix are here.

Kashew goes sporty!
Beyond this dusty highway Kashew is looking for experience of another kind. On 07/21 he’s gonna explore his own physical frontiers in a triathlon competition. More info: [www.opferbuexxe.de].

Kashews live Debut!!!
July 14, 2006 Kashew perfomed live on the Rock in the Ruins stage for the first time. Supported by Marc Will and the dancers Eddy and Joe he played “Come with me” and “Leave me alone”. Here are a few pics of the show.

"Come with me" is now also available on amazon [Link].

COME WITH ME now available!
Finally my debut album is finished and I’m pretty happy with the ‘babe’. So, you’re still undecided if you want to order the CD in the shop? Just check out the snippets to convince yourself ;-) Anyway, have a whole lotta fun round here at KAShEW’s home!
Love & Peace,


Come with me - Player.