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The show on Sep 19 has been cancelled!

New guitar player
Toby Kurrle quit his live guitar job in the Kashew-Band. He is being replaced by Martin Ergenzinger… more than a musical and optical substitute!

Upcoming Kashew Show

Upcoming Kashew Show

Upcoming shows Kashew & Band
14/03/22 Reutlingen, Oscar’s, 21.00
14/04/12 Munderkingen, Musiknacht, 20.00
14/06/27 Reutlingen, Stadtfest, Albtorplatz, 21.30
14/09/19 Stuttgart, Club Zentral, 21.00
14/10/18 Tübingen, Saints & Scholars Irish Pub, 21.00
15/01/13 Metzingen, Hirsch, 21.00

… to be continued

Upcoming Kashew Show

Upcoming Kashew Show

Upcoming Kashew Shows

Upcoming Kashew Shows
May 2, Christuskirche Altona, 19.30, Hamburg (duo unplugged)
May 3, Hühnerposten, 11.30, Hamburg (duo unplugged)
May 3, Markthalle, MarX, Hamburg, 17.30 (duo unplugged)
May 4, IGS, Bühne Ost Inselpark, 17.00 (duo unplugged)
May 18, Happy Anniverceily, Schwanen, Waiblingen, 19 (duo unplugged)
Jun 15, Club Zentral, 21.00, Stuttgart (Kashew & Band)
Jun 22, Café Haag, 21.30, Tübingen (Kashew & Band)
Jul 13, Farm Party (private), 14.00 Pliezhausen (duo unplugged)
Oct 11, Club Voltaire, 21.00, Tübingen (Kashew & Band)
Nov 22, Hirsch, 21.00, Metzingen-Glems (Kashew & Band)

Kashew live @ Oscar’s!
Kashew and his band will perform on 23 March at Oscar’s in Reutlingen.
Look forward to these brilliant musos joining Kashew that night:
  Drums: Marion Wetzel
  Guitar: Toby Kurrle
  Bass: Georg Schrode
  Pedal Steel / Guitar: Karsten Gorkow
  Keys: Simon Bender
Expect a long Kashew set including old tunes from “Come with me”.
The Kashew show will be supported by the outstanding singer/songwriter Marc Will.
Launch at 8, tickets €7.
Get out and join ‘em!

Kashew & Band live @ Saints & Scholars!
A new chapter in Kashew’s bio will come down on 12-23; for the 1st time he will perform with the support of his new band:
  Tobias Kurrle: guit
  Torsten Rees: dr
  Karsten Gorkow: steel, dobro, guit
  Georg Schrode: bs
  Simon Bender: keys
Kashew will support the final gig of „Halfunplugged“ that night.
Grab a pint and join the pre-Christmas fun!
Come on over!

Out now!!!
There it is: the brandnew Kashew-album „Rough Surface“ and the new face of this website!
You can listen to the new songs on the player.
If you want to order your copy of “Rough Surface” just send an e-mail to [info@kashew.com] and leave your shipping address. The CD will be shipped to you and you will receive further whereabouts via e-mail.
Tons of fun with “Rough Surface” and surfing this site.

Here he goes again!
Without a doubt Kashew was spotted in the studio to record his new CD! Of course he will be joining the Nashville studio scene again to attach the unique Kashew sound to the new songs. Again Toby Kurrle is producing the new CD: never change a winning team! To get an insight to the different stages of the production you will find more info coming up here on the website and on [www.facebook.com/kashewmusic].

3 am.
The ending of another intense day.
Sit down.
Take a glass of your kitchen board’s best.
Listen here to Kashew’s new song “3am”.
Find your own images to the song.
And tell the guestbook what you found out :-)
Have fun!

This brandnew Kashew song takes you to the Western Coast of the U.S. . Looks like Kashew experienced the one or other awkward situation in MALIBU.
Have fun listening!

Kashew @ myspace.
Visit Kashew on myspace: myspace.com/kashewkern

New Songs online.
Kashew has been finishing a couple of new songs which will be presented here on the website. “Back to Nothing” is the first of the new ones, check it here.

Kashew live.
If you want to book Kashew (as well in small or private venues) send an e-mail to [info@kashew.com].



Rough Surface - Player.

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Kashew - the video.